Water Department

Water Department is responsible for providing an adequate supply of clean, safe, high quality water for domestic, industrial, and fire protection purposes. The water supply and distribution system is maintained to meet current quatity and quality demands and future community needs.

The goal is to deliver water to 2,238 residential and 168 commercial customers. This is an average of about 300 gallons per day per resident. Approximately 292 fire hydrants are available for fire service. Personnel are available on call at all times to handle emergencies in providing water service. Water quality is consistently monitored to ensure safe, high quality drinking water per state regulatory requirements.

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Water Articles

2016 Water System Evaluation

Emergency Water Conservation Flier


Report water wasters by email at waterwasters@cityofescalon.org


Cross Connection Control Program

Notice of Change to Cross Connection Control Program

City of Escalon Backflow Test Report Form