The pool is closed until June 2018.

Public Swim

Monday – Friday
1:oopm – 5:00pm


The Escalon Community Pool is located behind
Escalon High School
1528 Yosemite Ave.

Swim Passes Available at City Hall

Sheet of 15 swim passes – $27
Season Pass/Individual – $65
Season Pass/Family – $120
(up to 4 members of same family)
 Individual & Family Season Pass Registration


– Registration opens May 1, 2018


Swim Level Definitions – Minimum skills needed to be at this level:

Level 1:
Must be 36 inches in height. Willing to get in the water, water exploration.
Introduced to the basic water safety skills.

Level 2:
No fear, face in water, kicking on front and back, basic breathing, front and
back float primary skills, 10 bobs demonstrate and alternating arms.

Level 3:
Fully submerged head, explore deep water, unsupported front and back
float, flutter kick, front crawl 15 yards, level off, introduction to breathing,
and combined stroke 5 yards.

 Level 4:
Retrieve object, swim 20 yards, coordinate the components of the front and
back crawl, elementary back stroke, treading water, rescue breathing, jump
in and level off, reverse direction front and back and dive from kneeling position.
 Level 5:
Survival float, deep water bobbing, refined breathing, standing dive, build
endurance by swimming elementary backstroke, front and back crawl, basic
breaststroke, and familiar with CPR.
 Level 6:
Alternate breathing, dive from diving board, stride jump, long shallow dive 
and perform the front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstroke for
increased distances. Perform the sidestroke and breaststroke and swim
under water.


All forms are in Adobe PDF format.
If you need Adobe Reader you may click to download for free.


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