Utility Billing

Changes to Watering Days & Hours: Effective 08/17/16

Non-watering hours are 8:00am – 8:00pm and NO watering on Mondays.

Users with NO automatic water systems non-watering hours are 10:00am – 7:00pm

Drip system users are exempt to watering hours/days but should not allow excessive water to leave the property or area being watered.

Established watering days for Escalon residents are as follows:

Residents are encouraged to water on their three days but need to reduce the amount of watering time on their current two days

For more information about the Water Conservation Program, visit Escalon Municipal Code Chapter 13.05 and be sure to read our Water Conservation Flyer

For additional information:  http://www.water.ca.gov/

Utility Services

Welcome to the City of Escalon! The City provides water, sewer, garbage and green waste service. We are aware that moving to a new community can be stressful and many things have to be done to get established. The following is basic information you may need as a new resident regarding city services, public utilities and schools. You’ll be pleased to learn that services for water, sewer, garbage and green waste can be taken care of with just one stop at Escalon City Hall 2060 McHenry Ave. Please feel free to call us at (209)691-7423 if we can be of service. We are always happy to hear from you.


Community Services Contacts Payments Utility Rates & Sample Bill Closing Accounts
Signing Up For Services Penalties & Water Termination Senior & Disabled Discount Emergencies



Water/Sewer/Garbage/Green Waste City of Escalon
2060 McHenry Avenue
(see below for more information)
(209) 691-7423
Gas & Electric Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Electric Modesto Irrigation District
(209) 526-7373
Cable Direct TV
Cable Dish Network
Cable Charter Communications
Phone AT & T
Post Office Escalon Post Office
1854 Coley Ave
(209) 838-2334
School District Escalon School District
1520 Yosemite Ave
(209) 838-3591
Local Newspaper Escalon Times
(209) 847-3021
Wireless Internet Ayera Technologies
(209) 579-3000
Wireless Internet Hughsnet
(877) 584-5147
Wireless Internet Velociter Wireless
(209) 838-1221




About the services that City of Escalon provides:
The City provides water, sewer, garbage and green waste services.  All residents within the City limits are required to sign up for all services.

Sign up for city services at:
City Hall
2060 McHenry Ave.
Escalon, CA 95320

To start an account, you will need to bring a completed Utility Application, a copy of the account holder’s drivers license, and a $200 deposit (Cash or Check only, no Credit Cards).  For more information, e-mail the Utility Department at utilities@cityofescalon.org, call (209) 691-7423 or view New Customer Flyer 2017.

Note: Water, sewer, garbage, and green waste services are included in one bill. Bills are sent out the 1st of each odd month and are due the 1st of each even month. Our billings are in arrears, which means the bill includes charges for the previous 2 months.

Want to go Green?! Start receiving your bill by email. Just complete the Email Utility Bill Form and drop it in the mail, the drop box, or fax it to (209) 691-7409.

A $200 deposit is required at the time service is setup for all residents (cash or check only, no credit cards). The deposit shall be applied to the bill once the service has had 12 months of no late penalties or return check charges or to the final closing bill. If the deposit is applied to the closing bill, and a credit of $5 or more remains, a refund check will be issued. The deposit will not earn interest.

Service Changes

Need to update your address or phone number? Want to add an additional garbage can or change the size of the can you already have? Fill out and turn in a Service Change Form.

Garbage and Refuse Collection Days by Street

Gilton offers E-Waste pick up four times a year, twice a year curbside collection of bulky items (refrigerators, furniture, appliances, etc). Also offered by Gilton is free disposal of two CRT’s per year (TV and computer monitors). Call Gilton at 209-527-3781 to schedule an appointment.

Please note: BOTH Garbage and Green Waste Service is mandatory for all City of Escalon residents.



Payments should be made out and mailed to:
“City of Escalon”
2060 McHenry Ave.
Escalon, CA 95320

Be sure to include your payment stub or your account number with your payment.

Payment Type
Payments can be mailed or made at City Hall with cash, check, or money order.

Credit Cards      

Credit Cards are not accepted at City Hall.  MasterCard and Visa payments are accepted online only.  You must create a member account. Please review the instructions for online utility payments: Create Member Account. To access the online payment site use the following link: Escalon Municipal Online Payments.

Automatic Payments
If you are making payments through your bank’s automatic payment system, be sure to include your 8-digit account number. *If you move your account number changes. Make sure you have the correct account number set in your bill pay. Please note all account numbers were changed in February 2010. If you set up your automatic payment prior to February 2010, please be sure the bank has your new account number.

Preauthorized Payment Service
The Preauthorized Payment Service lets you pay your City of Escalon utility bill automatically and on time. Sign up for Preauthorized Payment Service and your payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account. You will continue to receive your monthly billing statement so you can review it and contact us with any questions you may have before your payment is made.  Applications are available below, at City Hall, or request one to be mailed to you by calling (209) 691-7423. Mail or bring in your application with a voided check.
Preauthorized Payment Service Application.
Please note, when signing up for preauthorized payments it will apply to any future bills, if you have a current balance due it will need to be paid by with cash, check, or money order. 

Drop Box
There is a drop slot located at City Hall, 2060 McHenry Ave, to the left of the front door. Payments can be dropped here at any time. Payments are collected at 8:00am, Monday through Friday, unless it is a Holiday. Payments dropped in the slot after 8:00am are posted the following working day;  i.e. payments dropped after 8:00am on Friday are posted on Monday.



Late Payments
Payments are due on the 1st of each even month. Please view the 
 to see when payments are due, delinquency dates, and water termination dates. A fee of $5 or 10%, whichever is greater, will be added to late accounts.

Water Termination

Once water has been shut off, there will be a reconnection charge of $40.00 added to the late charge. Only City personnel are authorized to shut off and restart water service. Any damage caused by unauthorized tampering will be subject to other fees.  Any unauthorized water restarts will be charged an additional $35 fee. Attention: If your service is disconnected 3 or more times during a 12 month period, you will be required to post an additional deposit—(total deposit on account to equal $400). If payment is made after business hours (8am-5pm) water will be reconnected on the next business day.

Disconnection or Reconnection Fee  
 Regular working hours (8am-5pm M-F) $40.00

13.04.250 Unauthorized turn-on. No person shall turn on or reconnect a water meter or water connection that has been turned off or disconnected by the city. (ORD. 231 § 7(H), 1984)

Return Check Policy  
 1st Returned Check $25.00
 2nd Returned Check  (within 12 months) $35.00

Once a 2nd returned check has been received within 12 months, any person listed on the check will be CASH ONLY for one year. This includes any payment, for any services, being provided by the City.


View a Sample Utility Bill

Customer Types:

Residential Single Family (1-3 units, single dwellings, duplexes, triplexes) or Residential Master Meter (4 units or more, apartments, trailer parks) — Water/Sewer/Garbage Rates

Non-Residential = Commercial & Industrial — Water/Sewer/Garbage Rates

*View the attached Schedule of Fees for a list of all fees*

Senior Citizens & Disabled Persons
Discounted rates are available for garbage service for any person 65 years and older or who has been identified as permanently disabled. Discounted rates apply to the primary account holder and must reside at the residence. To sign up to received discounted rates fill out the Senior Discount Form and return it to City Hall with a copy of your drivers license or disability award letter for verification purposes.




Closing Accounts
To close your account, you must complete the Cancel Service Form and return it to City Hall via mail, email, fax, or in person. Contact information is listed on the form. It is your responsibility to notify the City when you move or want to make any changes to your account.  The meter will be read on the date you specify as the closing date, and the closing bill will be prorated for the prior month’s service.



If you have a problem with your water or sewer service that cannot wait until normal office hours, contact the Police Department at (209) 691-7300. The Police Department will make contact with Public Works personnel. This is for emergencies ONLY.


The information presented here has been prepared and provided to you for information purposes only. This information does not supplant the laws, regulations, and procedures governing sewer service in the City of Escalon. In the event of changes in those laws, regulations, or procedures, those changes are binding and take precedence. For specific information regarding municipal garbage service please see the City of Escalon Municipal Code – Title 8 “Health and Safety” (Chapter 8.08), or call the Escalon Utility Department at (209) 691-7423.

If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Department at (209) 691-7423.
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