Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for the City’s General Plan, zoning, subdivision, and growth ordinances. This Department performs multiple functions to ensure that development within the City is consistent with the goals of the General Plan. These functions include current and long-term (comprehensive) planning, redevelopment planning, the review of site and development plans, and providing technical support to the City Council and Planning Commission. 

The Planning Commission convenes regular meeting on the 2nd Tuesday, following the 1st Monday of each month at City Hall located at 2060 McHenry Ave.

The Planning Department is located at 2060 McHenry Ave. 

Office Hours
Tues & Thurs 8am-5pm
(Closed Daily 12pm-1pm)

Contact the Planning Department at or (209) 691-7430

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General Plan Elements                                                                 McHenry Widening IS-MND July 2009

General Plan                                                                                  Residential Fence Regulations

GP Boundary Map                                                                         CDBG 2016-17 GRANT APPLICATION

GP Circulation Map

Zoning Map

2010 Housing Element Update

Subdivision Ordinance

Escalon Habitat Plan Fee Map

Liberty Business Park Specific      Plan

Model Water Efficient Landscape MWELO