City Council  

Gary Haskin



Jeff Laugero Mayor Pro Tem  209.691.7400
Danny Fox Councilmember  209.691.7400
Ed Alves  Councilmember  209.691.7400
Robert Swift Councilmember  209.691.7400
  City Manager’s Office  
Tammy Alcantor City Manager  209.691.7400
  City Clerk’s Office  
Diana Trejo Deputy City Clerk  209.691.7400
Adri Crim Deputy City Clerk  209.691.7400
  Animal Services  
Crystal Pascale Animal Services Assistant  209.691.7304
Melissa Booth Animal Services Assistant  209.691.7304
Shannon Downey Animal Services Assistant  209.691.7304
Justin Olvera Animal Services Assistant  209.691.7304
  Building/Planning/Code Enforcement  
Development Services Manager  209.691.7450
Carol Norris Assistant Planner  209.691.7430
  Building Official/Inspector  209.691.7430
  Inspection Recorder  209.691.7464
City Engineer/Director of PW  209.691.7430
Tammy Alcantor Finance Director  209.691.7421
Beckie Robbins Accounting Technician I – Accounts Receivable  209.691.7425
Diana Trejo Planning Technician – Business License  209.691.7422
Adri Crim Account Clerk I    209.691.7423
Utilities Water, Sewer, Garbage Questions – Street Lights  209.691.7423
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable  209.691.7425
Mike Borges Chief of Police  209.691.7300
Non-Emergency    209.838.7093
Emergency    911
Sara Cardoso  Police Services Manager  209.691.7301
Milt Medeiros  Sergeant  209.691.7302
Gus Flores  Sergeant  209.691.7319
  Public Works  
Juston Collins Public Works Superintendent  209.691.7470
WWTP Operator  209.838.4009
Matthew Morgan Water System Operator  209.691.7470
Bridget Gaines Recreation Coordinator  209.691.7372
John Andoh Transit Coordinator  209.691.7465
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